Coupe Tales is a pilgrimage to sacred spots (bars) in pursuit of enlightenment (really good cocktails) and spiritual guidance (at the hands of bartenders, mixologists, and cocktail creatives).

While based in the San Fransisco Bay Area, D. B. Couper’s cocktail excursions are not limited to that geographic area (though its options are so plentiful and delicious that they claim the majority of posts).

Liberal use of the word “coupe” refers to the longtime goal of identifying and purchasing the loveliest coupes (current coupe obsession: Nick and Nora glassware).

D. B. Couper is the nom de coupe of a Bay Area communications writer and cocktail enthusiast.

Shiso gimlet, coupe glass

The Coupe Tales logo uses a coupe glass created by Erin Standley, used here under Creative Commons licensing.

Header image photograph of the Death & Co bar by the author in December 2016.