The unknown delight

This cocktail was imbibed October 10, 2015 at Melrose Umbrella Company in Los Angeles, California.


History does not record the drink’s contents or name. However, taking into account the bar, logic dictates that it was off the hook delish.

Interestingly, those appear to be standard candylike maraschino cherries rather than the Luxardo marachinos more often used at quality joints. Melrose Umbrella Company’s credentials are beyond dispute so I propose that it takes a hella confident place to use the candy cherries. Or perhaps they are tomatoes — though I don’t think this is their Dry Rub cocktail, which does use cherry tomatoes. That one has a rim of BBQ spices, I believe. All truth is lost to the fog of time (and drink)!

Coupe tales intends to return to Melrose Umbrella Company shortly. Research, I promise, will be conducted.

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